Amethyst – For life and not just for February!

by Team Alyssa x
18 February, 2021
Most people will know Amethyst as the gemstone for February. But it’s not just those with a February birthday who can benefit from wearing a little bit of Amethyst on a regular basis! For Amethyst actually has many benefits for all of us, no matter which month of the year you were born!

Characterised by its gorgeous purple colour, amethyst ranges from light to deep purple and is one of the easiest of all gemstones to recognise. But did you know that amethyst also comes in green?

Amethyst isn’t just for those with a February Birthday!

Why is amethyst so popular?

Amethyst is pretty gorgeous to look at, which has helped to make it a popular choice in jewellery over the years. There is something quite mesmerising about this gemstone and it has been used since Ancient times to be fashioned into jewellery and talismans.  It is most commonly found in Brazil, Canada and East Africa.

It has the most beautiful and soothing qualities- known as the gemstone of calm and peace. It is believed to help calm the mind, relieve stress and anxiety, and to help aid a better sleep too. Many people sleep with an amethyst under their pillow to help ward off nightmares.

Because of these soothing qualities, it is often made into jewellery so it can be worn close to the body. Necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets are common ways for amethyst to be worn and it is great to pop on when you are faced with stressful situations and want to help banish negative thoughts from your mind. It can often be a very useful gemstone for those who are prone to worrying or suffer with anxiety. Therefore, it really isn’t just suited to those with a birthday in February!

A gemstone with a lot of history!

This gemstone has a lot of fascinating history! In Ancient Greece, wine was consumed from Amethyst encrusted goblets because it was believed to help prevent drunkenness! Back then, Amethyst was highly sought after and was classed as a ‘precious’ gemstone. It would have been awfully expensive – in line with Rubies and Emeralds! But a discovery in Brazil in the 19th Century of a rather large chunk of Amethyst made it more affordable, so it is now readily available and quite inexpensive to fashion into gorgeous jewellery and other precious things, such as tea light holders. This is why it is now classed as ‘semi precious’!

15th Century Italian astrologer Camillo Leonardi was said to be obsessed with Amethyst and always kept one on his person, believing it would ward off danger. It was also used to help offer protection at times of war, too. 

Many people still carry gemstones on their person, but in the form of jewellery which is a great way of incorporating their healing properties into your daily life without having to put one in your pocket or purse every day! Many celebrities swear by the healing powers of crystals, and singer Katy Perry is just one well known face who won’t go anywhere without her Rose Quartz and Amethyst gemstones! Victoria Beckham is another well known name who won’t be without her crystals, saying she won’t open a Catwalk show without hers.

As well as being a firm favourite amongst crystal healers and celebs alike, Amethyst is one of our favourite gemstones to work with too- and it isn’t hard to see why it is one of the most popular of them all! It just looks gorgeous paired with silver or gold, and it is the perfect way to inject a bit of colour and vibrancy to your wardrobe, as well as having such useful healing properties to welcome into your life!

Wearing Amethyst as jewellery is a great way to reap its healing benefits

Amethyst top healing qualities, as believed by many

  • Helps with anxiety
  • Helps to calm and sooth negative thoughts
  • Is believed to help make you more intelligent
  • Helps to bring love and happiness into your life
  • Helps to fight mood swings

Perfect Pairings

Amethyst looks wonderful paired with Rose Quartz, Moonstone or Crystal Quartz. Why not try layering a few gemstone bracelets together to reap the benefits of their combined healing properties?

Why not mix and match with other gemstones

Check out our gorgeous amethyst jewellery and add the healing benefits of this gorgeous stone to your jewellery collection.