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Behind the Inspirations and concepts

Here you will find Alyssa’s personal inspirations, thoughts, concepts and meanings behind some of our wonderful pieces that we have created throughout the last decade (and beyond!)

 I am inspired by everything around me to create the jewellery we release into our collections, and some of it has a deeper, personal meaning to me too. I hope that by sharing and translating some of my childhood memories, and life experiences into wearable, keepsakes, you too can wear precious memories that mean something to you as well.


Every single piece of jewellery we lovingly design and make has an individual meaning behind it, and we believe that every piece of jewellery you choose to add to your precious jewellery collection should also mean something to you, in return.

Learn what inspires Alyssa to create these precious pieces – both past and present, and explore why they are so special to us here at Alyssa Smith Jewellery, and to our collectors around the world.

Discover our secret treasure chest of inspirations

The Original Tweetie Bird


Moving Helmet

Our Angel Feathers

Opening Lamps that really might be magical

Real twigs from a real wood

Sealed with a kiss

Tiny dinosaurs with big personalities

Lovingly made at sparkle towers