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keeper of tiny secrets

it all started from things I loved when I was growing up

I have always been obsessed with little wooden Russian dollies, and I used to have quite a collection of them as a child. I would always open them as fast as I could, lining them in a row as I went, in size order- and all to get to the tiny one in the very centre, because this was my favourite. I have always been obsessed with the world of ‘miniatures’, and so looking back, I think it was pretty obvious I would end up creating small things for a living!

When it came to creating a new collection back in 2015, I wanted to draw upon my childhood memories, and create something so tiny and special that I would remember these lovely childhood memories every time I looked at it!

it took months of painstaking prototyping and sampling until I was happy to show everyone

Getting the design engraved onto our little Russian Doll was probably the trickiest part as the engraving on her really is so intricate- But the best bit about this piece is that it opened, like a wooden toy one, and held a tiny ‘secret’ inside. This secret came in the form of a birth stone. And so only the wearer would know it was inside. Of course, you could roll up a tiny note inside the locket too. And that’s another thing I love…tiny notes written with tiny pens! But that is for another story.

This piece still remains so special to me, and the fact that we could get our tiny silver version even smaller than the smallest wooden one I used to play with pleases me greatly! This is one little charm that I would never take off of my charm bracelet, because it helps me remember the nicest days of my childhood.

  I believe jewellery should tell a story. Where you have been, memories you have created along the way, where you are heading, as well as being a teaser to your personality too.