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Tiny dinosaurs with big personalities

Little fellas with roarsome personalities! Come and see what our little dinosaurs are all about

My love for dinosaurs started from a young age, didn’t everyone’s?

Ahhh, dinosaurs! Something that I have always been obsessed with, even as a little girl! Aren’t most children? I think the film ‘Land Before Time’ has a lot to do with my love for dinosaurs, and as an adult, I still like to snuggle up under a blanket and pop this film on, as well as the more grown up version of Jurassic Park.

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about dinosaurs I like so much… But I suppose even though they were real, they still have a mythical and magical feel to them- probably because none of us have ever seen one for real!

Our first dinosaur was made from blu tac!

I first decided to explore creating our dinosaur collection back in 2015. I was still getting to grips with 3 dimensional designs, and I remember sitting for hours sculpting our first dino – named Dinky, in blu tac to try and get the shape and size just right. It was at that point I decided all of our dinosaurs would have names and individual personalities. First came Dinky, followed shortly by Rexy, Spike and Topsy. These four dinosaurs have probably made up my favourite jewellery ‘family’ of all time, and have remained a best selling collection ever since we first introduced them. I hope to add to them in time and have a few secret projects up my sleeve in relation to our Jurrasic themed pieces.

The thing I love most about our dinosaurs is their ‘cuddlyness’! Even though they are made in sterling silver and dinosaurs are typically large and quite scary looking, I wanted our own Alyssa Smith dinosaurs to be adorable and irresistible. Their unique personalities help make them so loveable, and you will find that Rexy the T-Rex has a chubby little belly (from eating way too many other dinosaurs further down the pecking order!) and Spike has a fan like head piece- he’s very ‘extra’!

  I believe that any piece of jewellery you choose to add to your special collection should have a ‘reason’ to be added to your collection. Whether it be something you were physically drawn to because the colour or shape made you happy, something that represents a memory or somewhere you have been, something that represents a new or old chapter in your life, or something that reminds you of your childhood or heritage- I want our jewellery to be a talking point and a reason to make you smile. 


Dreaming up wonderful pieces to create means so much to me, and I know that so many of our collectors around the world love our dinosaurs, especially those with younger children! I can’t just create something without a meaning, and everything I do has a reason, a back story or a personality behind it.

One day I would love to write a book about our jewellery characters, their little personality traits, and the secrets behind why I made them!