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Moving Helmet

One of our most revolutionary pieces, and we love this just as much today as when we first designed it. This was a team effort, with my sister coming up with the original moving element idea!

this is one of my favourite ever true stories…

I absolutely love talking about our miniature helmet jewellery- It’s changed so much over the years! Originally created back in 2015 for our Smith & Perry motorsports collection, the original version of this helmet actually didn’t open at all. We released a small number of first edition helmets, which contained Suzi Perry’s signature across the back.

They really were immense, and the first ever ‘solid 3 dimensional piece of jewellery’ we made as a brand. It was hugely challenging, as until this point, we had not made any 3 dimensional jewellery, and I was limited as a designer and maker to manufacturing 2 dimensional pieces only, which were created from sheets of flat silver or gold.

golden nuggets of advice from a real tv dragon

I remember this like it was yesterday, but I managed to set up a meeting with (then) BBC Dragon, Theo Paphitis, who wore our jewellery and who I had previously won a fantastic business award from. It was during this meeting that Theo, whilst sitting in his aeroplane cockpit shaped desk in his prestigious office in Wimbledon, gave me some of the most valuable golden nuggets of information I have ever had- to this day.

He told me that in order to be ‘investible’ and push both my jewellery and brand to the next level, I MUST work out how to produce 3 dimensional jewellery designs, and not just 2 dimensional pieces- which could be easily copied, or replicated.

I left the meeting so incredibly grateful for Theo’s wisdom and time, but feeling like a I had hit a brick wall as well. I had no idea how to push my brand to the next level, or how to teach myself to suddenly produce 3 dimensional masterpieces, when I had spent the last 5 years establishing my business and making 2 dimensional works of art.

I went back to the drawing board to reflect on how to grow my brand

I went away, took some time out to re-focus, and set my mind to taking my brand to the next level- whatever it took. Our first 3 dimensional helmet was a pivotal point in our collections and for Alyssa Smith Jewellery. Our very first piece of jewellery, made in solid sterling silver- and not flat! From this point onwards, with the knowledge and skills to take the brand forwards, our ‘miniature masterpieces’ as we know them today, were born!

Since our original helmet release back in 2015, we have continued to push the boundaries on what our wearable artworks can be, and our latest version of our helmet actually moves- the visor opens and closes! We couldn’t love it more!