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Opening Lamps that really might be magical

I love to take inspiration from everything around me and like to look for the magic in life. We are never too old for a bit of magic so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Our most precious little masterpiece, for those precious moments in life. Let’s Not forget, any moment can be precious and it’s up to us to make it so

It’s not hard to see where my inspiration came from for this intricate masterpiece, is it! I have spent my entire adult life wanting to bring my dreams of creating a magical opening lamp to life, and I am so pleased that in 2019, we managed it! As well as being obsessed with tiny things, I really do love things that have an extra ‘something special’ to them. Jewellery that opens, moves, spins…. If I can push the boundaries on what jewellery can be, then I absolutely will!

I’m never satisfied with something standard – it always has to be the best it can be, afterall- when our collectors are wearing something, I want it to be a talking point. A conversation starter.

  I also love to incorporate hearts into our designs, and you will often find a tiny heart on our designs which I have snuck in somewhere! I am also quite obsessed with the idea of jewellery bringing you luck, and helping you feel more confident in your daily lives, so I do see our special pieces as a kind of talisman! I like to believe you can feel empowered, and change your daily outlook simply by choosing which piece of jewellery to wear.