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Our Angel Feathers

Our wonderful collection of angel feather jewellery was first released back in 2013, and has remained one of our best selling collections over the years.

I firmly believe we each have a guardian angel (or two!) watching over us

When I was younger, my lovely mum told me that when you find a little white feather which has floated down from the sky and lands in front of you, or appears somewhere and you think – ‘how did that get there??’ – it actually means that a guardian angel is near by, watching over you.

I believe our guardian angels are often our loved ones.

I wanted to create a beautiful collection of jewellery to remind us that we are always being watched over by our loved ones. At times of need, wearing an angel feather close to you can serve as a wonderful reminder of this, and they make a really lovely gift for a friend in need, as well. Over the years, we have changed our collections of angel feathers, but the core design always remains the same.

I like to think that when you wear one of our special angel feathers, you will feel comfort wherever you go, and know you aren’t alone.