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Real Twigs From a Real Wood

It’s quite crazy to think this final design used for so many of our hoop earrings actually came from a little discarded twig, which I stumbled on purely by accident!

I believe you can take inspiration from nearly everything that surrounds you if you look at it the right way, and sometimes that involves looking twice to see things you would normally ignore

I love to take inspiration from everything around me with my jewellery collections. The wonderful colours and shapes that nature presents us with is just too good to be overlooked, and so for quite a few of our popular ‘hoop’ designs, the actual shape and texture of the hoop came directly from nature! I was out walking my little dog one day in the woods, and I came across a small twig. I wouldn’t normally have picked it up, but I remember it stood out to me! I was originally going to use it for some of our photography.

Then something happened.

As we carried on with the rest of our walk- I started winding it around my finger absent mindedly, and when I looked, I realised it made the perfect shape for a little hoop earring! I couldn’t actually contain my excitement, because inspiration had struck when I least expected it in this wood- when I wasn’t even looking for any! They say that happens, don’t they?

it happens to all of us, right?

I remember experiencing a bit of ‘artists block’ at the time- and although I am usually really creative and full of ideas, at times of extreme pressure or stress, I do find it hard to focus my creative mind. I find that taking regularly walks and exercises normally helps, but sometimes I can go for weeks without any brainwaves – Which, I’d like to add, is completely normal!

Anyway, that evening I got to work on creating some little hoops with this twig for the base shape and texture, and since then, our twisted and hammered hoop shape has come directly from this little twig! When you look closely at these hoops, you can see for yourself! Even the size is still taken from the moment it was wrapped around my finger. I love these hoops, and I love that we were able to take a ‘moment’ from nature, a discarded and fallen twig, and turn it into something else that we can wear and enjoy every day!