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Sealed With a Kiss

Our Sealed with a Kiss envelope is probably one of the most special and personal things I have designed in all of my years as a jewellery designer. I remember the day we came up with the idea like it was yesterday. I say ‘we’, because it was my mum and myself who dreamed this wonderful piece up together.

my lovely mum often helps inspire me when I’m feeling a bit deflated, and this was one of those wonderful days when magic happened

It was a warm day in August 2018, we were sitting in my living room eating an icecream and wondering what new pieces we could make for our collections. I loved the idea of ‘sending kisses’ to friends and loved ones, but not in the traditional sense of say, lips or an ‘x’.

When I was a child, I used to write my mum (and the tooth fairy, and santa!) miniature letters, with the tiniest pencil. The writing was almost unreadable because it was so small, but my poor mum had to make me little paper envelopes to fit my tiny letter into… Afterall, Santa couldn’t receive a letter from me which wasn’t addressed to him, could he! And this is very relevant to the inspiration behind this wonderful piece.

I kept the original sketch for this, which was drawn on a bit of scrap paper. I always keep my sketches

We both sat sketching for a while on the sofa, and thinking of ideas as we do quite often, and ironically, we both came up with an almost identical idea- of a tiny envelope which opened, and was ‘sealed with a kiss’! (Or a heart!)

We immediately knew this was ‘the one’, and started putting together the finer details of how this piece would actually look. The ‘seal’ would be a rose gold heart, and this is where the envelope would open. This would have been absolutely perfect for my miniscule letters that I used to write to people, when I was younger! If only I was around to make a silver one for my 5 year old self…

We decided to leave this envelope blank, with no letter inside so that our collectors could pop their own tiny photograph or letter/note into this very special little envelope- and then close it, to seal it with a kiss, and ready for its recipient.

a future heirloom to enjoy both now, and then AND NOW AND FOR YEARS TO COME

From the moment of release in 2019, this special piece became one of our best sellers. Not only is it beautiful in design, but it can hold precious memories too.

My own envelope necklace contains a letter from my partner, and my charm contains a message from my dad. My mums envelope contains a letter from me.