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If you like the idea of having a special bespoke piece of jewellery made for yourself or someone dear to you, but you aren’t quite sure how it works or what happens, then this is the right place to start! Settle down, pop that kettle on, or pour yourself your favourite tipple, get comfy, and come and read all about the wonderful world of our bespoke jewellery service- where we specialise in bringing your jewellery dreams to life in precious metals (and gemstones too!)

Since 2009, we have brought to life over 1000 bespoke dreams!

One of our specialties here at Alyssa Smith Jewellery is creating beautiful bespoke jewellery. In fact, our bespoke service was one of the first things we started offering to our customers when our brand was first established in 2009. We have since created over 1,000 bespoke masterpieces for our customers around the world, and each one has been unique.

Our small, but wonderful team work closely with each customer who comes to us and would like a bespoke piece of jewellery made, helping to turn ideas and concepts into reality by designing and creating your perfect piece with you.

We can incorporate hidden meanings, symbolism, romance, memories, engraving and gemstones into your special piece of jewellery and will gather up relevant information to help develop and finalise your design, to turn it into something you can enjoy both now and for years to come.

Sparkle Towers
Where the magic happens

We will work closely with you to bring your perfect idea to life

We will cast our expert eye over your ideas and tell you both what works, and what can’t work in our jewellery so that together, we can come up with something that is really… unique!

We can help capture memories, moments in time and your personality into your special piece… and we can even create jewellery from photographs, signatures and writing!

You may have seen on someone on TV wearing something lovely- and you just can’t find it online anywhere, and so want to recreate it in your own way, or you might even want to give us a picture of your pet/car/motorbike or child’s artwork for us to use as a starting point.

It may be that you want us to bring your doodle to life, or incorporate your pet’s name into something you can wear close to you every day. We can even turn corporate logos and symbols into pieces!

The world really is your oyster… how far will your imagination take you?

“I just love seeing all of your stories and memories that you send in to us, and being given the opportunity to re-create these things in silver or gold is just so special. Over the last decade, we’ve brought customers actual motorbikes and cars to life, signatures from loved ones, re-created family heirlooms with a modern twist, and marked the arrival of wonderful babies through our jewellery. I feel so blessed to be a part of your stories, and to be able to mark these moments for you in jewellery.”


Not sure what you’re looking for?

If you would like to have something special made but can’t think of exactly what you want, our expert, friendly team here at Alyssa Smith Jewellery can help you from start to finish.

We will ask you relevant questions to gather as much information as possible so we can help translate your ideas into something really special.

It’s all part of the bespoke jewellery process, and quote often the very first stages are the most exciting!

Want to have a chat about having your own bespoke jewellery made?

Bespoke jewellery need not be overwhelmingly expensive, as you can define your own budget, and we can tailor our service accordingly to suit.

Bespoke Silver Mini Cufflinks

“I love my husbands and his best mans bespoke wedding cufflinks from ASJ. They were tiny MINI replicas, and had our wedding date and 48 engraved on them too (48 is our race number!)

So incredibly thankful to Team Alyssa for creating these , the customer service was second to none as always!”

– Jordine

A special Wedding day gift replica in Silver and Gold

“I got in touch with Alyssa to enquire about having a remake of a wedding day gift made, after a few messages and working together to come up with the design, we went ahead and placed the order in a mixture of silver and 9 carat gold. We had to make a little change at the end of the make to make the necklace suspend properly. I just love my pendant that represents myself and my husband in a ring for life. I will always ask Alyssa for anymore bespoke makes in the future xx”
– Zoe

A rather unique proposal, captured forever as jewellery!

“I contacted Alyssa as the one jewellery I knew who could produce EXACTLY what I wanted. A coke can pull ring was given to me by my now husband 36 years ago. It was what he used to first propose to me. I said no!!!

I accepted his 2nd proposal 3 years later. Having kept the pull-ring all this time, we wanted a bespoke piece to turn our history into a beautiful and permanent piece of jewellery. It’s simply perfect and we had it set with the stone to symbolise the month we were married”
– Helen

where will your imagination take you?

Silver Spitfire Charm

Silver Phoenix Necklace

Corporate Jewellery for Pink Lady Apples

“Increasingly over the years, I’ve seen customers come to us because they would like to commission something special for themselves- and actually not for a gift for someone else!

I love to think that your jewellery tells a story of your life- where you have been, who you are, what you have experienced…And I think it is wonderful that so many of our special customers are choosing to create their own bespoke pieces, so they can wear their life memories. We love to hear your stories, and help understand why you would like something made, so that we can really help make it special for you.”


Bespoke jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes!

We welcome bespoke jewellery of all kinds, whether it be a present for yourself (very common!), a gift for a loved one, the celebration of a new baby or new mummy, an anniversary, bespoke mens jewellery including chains, cufflinks and tie slides- to jewellery with hidden meaning, your name written in your own hand writing, or a memory from your favourite place… the list goes on!

Alyssa also specialises in Bridal jewellery for your special day – from necklaces and earrings, favours, something ‘blue’, bridesmaid jewellery and cufflinks too.

We create our bespoke jewellery for our clients all around the world, not just people here in the UK, and just because you are overseas, it does not mean we cannot create something bespoke for you!

All of our bespoke communication after the initial enquiry is mostly conducted via email. This is because it makes it easier to send and receive ideas, correspondence, updates and also to look back through it all at a time to suit you. This method is especially useful for our overseas customers where a time difference is common, and for those wanting to surprise someone with a secret gift.

If you would like us to help turn one of your special jewellery dreams into reality, then do get in touch with us – we would love to hear from you and can’t wait to turn more wonderful doodles, ideas and concepts into pieces that can be enjoyed for years and generations to come!

“’I love seeing our designs come to life. Whether we have drawn them or they come from our customers doodles or writing, it’s just so wonderful to be able to turn them into wearable masterpieces”


Chunky Silver Name Necklace

Motorbike Necklace Based on Customers Real Bike

Silver Engraved Owl Inspired by Photograph

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