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Now you have your favourite jewellery in your jewellery box, it’s time to learn how to look after it and keep it in tip-top condition

Shiny Happy Jewellery

We really hope you love your Alyssa Smith Jewellery pieces as much as we love dreaming them up and creating them for you.

It is important to look after your jewellery well, just like you would with your other possessions, and other precious things. To make sure you can enjoy your jewellery now, and for years to come, we’ve created a simple little guide to help you look after your jewellery and keep it looking its best. Everything in life needs a little bit of looking after, from house plants, to yourself… and your jewellery too!

Keep your jewellery looking shiny and happy


Looking after your jewellery actually starts even before you have put it on! How you keep your jewellery when you aren’t wearing it is really important. We advise storing your jewellery away from light and air, in its original packaging, or in a precious little box where possible. Try to store all pieces individually, if pieces are stored together and touching, it can accelerate the tarnishing and they may also scratch. If you have silver jewellery, and also gold plated jewellery- try to keep them away from each other, as leaving them together for too long in storage can result in tarnishing. Don’t worry though- mixing up your metal finishes when you are wearing them is absolutely fine! We love mixing different finishes together, as it is a really contemporary look, but make sure you pop them away properly when you take them off at the end of the day.

As well as storing your jewellery properly when you are not wearing it (this will help avoid extra tarnishing, tangling and breakages) we also recommend you remove any rings before washing your hands, and remove all jewellery before showering, swimming and bathing. You should remove your jewellery before using cleaning products, or doing any kind of workout, as not only is it easy to pull your jewellery when you are conducting physical activities, but sweat can also have the same effect as harsh chemicals on your jewellery!


Your jewellery (not perfume!) should actually be your ‘finishing touch’ when you are getting ready!

Did you know that perfumes, lotions, potions, cleaning products and chlorine are just some of the many things that can tarnish your jewellery? To keep your jewellery looking its best, we recommend you pop your favourite jewellery on once you have done everything else- and let your lotions and perfumes dry first – or it can create a sticky residue on your jewellery, which can gather dust and dirt – and no one wants that, do they!

One more thing, we always recommend you take your jewellery off before going to bed- sleeping in your jewellery can cause things to snap when you roll over in your sleep, and ear posts to bend if you squash your earrings when laying on your side. It’s easy to do once you get into the habit, and your jewellery will love you for it!

So always remember, pants on first in the mornings – jewellery on last! Hehe!


We recommend you clean your jewellery every month or so. Being gentle with it is very important. For things like chains, very delicate pieces, and 3 dimensional pieces with intricate detailing, we recommend a jewellery ‘dip’. These are widely available and are available for both silver and gold jewellery.

For a daily dose of extra sparkle and TLC, you can use a polishing cloth (we sell these, but they are widely available) and you can give your jewellery a gentle polish. These cloths are usually very lightweight and small, so they can even fit in your handbag, and travel case for when you are going away. We always recommend you take one on holiday with you, as sun cream and jewellery really are not best friends, or even acquaintances!

Gold plated jewellery may fade over time, so it is important to look after it as best you can, and it will last longer. Use a polishing cloth and gently rub the surface to remove any dark spots and oxidisation from your plated piece.

If you have charms hanging together on a chain, or a bracelet, please be aware that they will scratch over time- which is unavoidable when metal parts touch each other. Please be mindful when you position your charms on a bracelet, or when you pair them together on a necklace

Alternatively, silver pieces (not chains) can be cleaned gently with a very soft toothbrush and warm soapy water. Pat them dry with a microfibre cloth, but do not rub incase you scratch your jewellery!

Follow these easy steps, and your jewellery really will love you for it! We’re always here if you need an extra hand or more information
Happy jewellery polishing!
Love, Alyssa x