Turning jewellery dreams into reality, and creators of those little ‘Essential Purchases’, since 2009
At Alyssa Smith Jewellery, we want you to be absolutely happy, in fact- more than happy with the wonderful piece of jewellery you have chosen to treat yourself or someone else to.

And we are talking about the whole experience- From the beautiful jewellery itself, to the packaging it comes in, the impact it has on the environment, and looking after you after you have made your purchase too.

Beautiful Packaging

packaged by hand with love and attention

Here at Alyssa Smith Jewellery, all of our wonderful jewellery is hand packaged with so much love and attention, and presented in our signature branded boxes or pouches. We have many types of boxes for our different collections, and also seasonal boxes too- which pop up at different times of the year. Our little suedette pouches are ideal for taking your most precious pieces away on mini breaks or holidays, or for storing your jewellery when space is precious to you.

We are well known for popping a little bit of extra ‘sparkle’ in our ladies jewellery packaging too, in the form of gorgeous, biodegradable sparkles- this results in added smiles (or what we like to call, magic!) when you open your new jewellery, but if you would rather we left these out, please just let us know at the checkout.

We also offer gift bags and polishing cloths for your jewellery, and you can choose this option at the checkout for that added extra touch…After all, we know how important first impressions are!

If you would prefer minimal packaging because you have lots of our boxes already, please let us know at the checkout, and we will package your item in a small pouch where possible.

Our boxes are made from high quality cardboard, and no animal products are used in our boxes or suedette pouches.

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about which type of packaging a certain item comes in, and we will be pleased to discuss this with you and help with any queries you have.


at the heart of Alyssa Smith Jewellery

Sustainability is at the heart of our concerns at Alyssa Smith Jewellery, and is something we all need to work together on to make a difference.
No animal products are used in the making of our jewellery boxes, and should you not wish to keep your jewellery in the boxes it comes in, then our boxes are recyclable (apart from the ribbon and insert) They are made from a high quality cardboard, wrapped in papers. Our pouches can be recycled with any unwanted clothing, as they are made from a soft, vegan, suedette material.

Our signature finishing touch, the ‘sparkles’ that we pop inside with your jewellery, are made from a fantastic renewable plant-based raw material Cellulose from the Eucalyptus tree. These sparkles are not made from plastic, and are biodegradable and ocean friendly. If you would like to keep them, we recommend collecting them up and storing them in a little jam jar until you have enough to decorate a home-made card with, or your own decorations/childrens artwork project. However, you can also sprinkle them into your pot plants if you wish, or pop them into your bath!

A lovely idea from Alyssa is to save your sparkles in a jar, and when it’s full- wrap some string and a tag around it, and label it ‘a jar of wishes’- this makes a great hand made, stocking filler gift for someone special!

We source as many eco-friendly products, and biodegradable plastics as possible, and many of our own manufacturers and partners also use biodegradable packaging to hold the raw supplies we purchase from them, too. We use recycled packaging and materials, and re-use and recycle where possible- including recycling our metal off cuts, which are melted back down to create more jewellery. Some of our jewellery itself is actually upcycled, and taken from used formula one cars to give it a new life. We try to either re-use, recycle or up-cycle where possible.

We are always working to improve, monitor and reduce our impact on the environment and have incorporated environmental factors into our business decision making as a company. After all, it is not a destination, but a continuous journey to learn and adapt to our environmental needs for our planet.

We are Always Here

at the touch of a button

Our wonderful team wants you to be happy with your special jewellery purchases, whether they are brand new ones, or ones you have been enjoying for some time and have a question about.

Please do get in touch with us if there is anything at all we can help you with- including exchanges, altered chain lengths, advice, or even things such as requiring a different type of clasp, or letting us know you struggle with clasps- we have many options available to help make our jewellery easier to pop on, if you need a little extra hand.

You can also find Alyssa’s handy tips for cleaning your jewellery here.

UK delivery is on us when you spend £20 or over, and international delivery charges have been removed for those spending £100 or over.