Precious Pieces - Star Obsessed

We’ve popped all of your favourite stars (and ours!) in one place. Mix and match our sparkly stars, suns and moons for your perfect look. There is something quite magical about stars, and even our simplest and tiniest of silver star creations reflect that special little feeling that stars give us… absolute joy! We like to say that our star jewellery is freshly caught from the night sky by Alyssa with her sparkling fishing net! (On a clear night only though. We can’t see them to catch them when it’s cloudy or foggy!) Our little stars are then popped onto gorgeous silver chains ready for you to wear with these timeless creations. Looking for a star with real star quality? Track down our incredible carbon fibre star, upcycled from an old formula one car and made into a wearable piece of history you can enjoy for years to come.

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