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Reusing our biodegradable glitter

by Team Alyssa x
17 February, 2021
Have you ever wondered what to do with the gorgeous sparkles we pop in our packaging along with your jewellery? If you’ve got a little stash of glitter saved up from your eagerly awaited ASJ deliveries, then we’ve put together a handy little guide of ways to re-use your glitter! (yay!)

First things first- Sustainability

The one word on all of our lips as we become more aware of our planet and the damage our lifestyles and existence is having on it. As we become increasingly clued up about plastic and the damage is has on our oceans, and single use ‘convenience’, we have taken as many steps as possible to reduce our plastic at ASJ, starting with switching to biodegradable glitter in 2019. There is no planet B, so as a company, and as individuals, we are making as many changes as we can to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re not perfect, but we are always looking for ways to recycle, re-use and also alternatives to current products or ways of working which could leave less of an environmental footprint.

The sparkly bits of glitter that we use in our jewellery boxes and pouches are not only designed to be a lovely added extra to make you smile when you open our jewellery up for the first time, but it is also designed to be environmentally friendly too- so the glitter we use is guilt free!

Our gorgeous sparkles aren’t just a one time use thing!

Our little sparkling stars and glitter fragments are made in the UK from a biodegradable and ocean friendly renewable plant-based raw material Cellulose. We have been assured that the glitter we use comes from the fastest growing trees on the planet, and will naturally dissolve into nature, marine and waste water for a sustainable future.  The glitter we use is FDA approved.

Ways to re-use your glitter

If you are a collector of our wonderful miniature masterpieces, firstly- thankyou. Secondly, you may also be a collector of our glitter! We recommend saving up your glitter in a little glass bottle so that you can use it for new projects when you have enough. We have combined some of our favourite customer glitter ideas with our own glitter idea projects below.

  • Use your glitter in your home craft projects, such as card making. If you are looking to start making your own cards and are in the UK, then Hobbycraft have an amazing selection of cards. Our favourite type of cards are ‘kraft’ paper because they have a natural look. You can use a non toxic glue to add the glitter as highlights on your cards. An excellent idea for lockdown projects, making your own Christmas cards, and of course, those ‘just because’ cards to cheer up a friend.
  • Sprinkle it in your plant pots to make your plants sparkle too! This one is easy and doesn’t really need much in the way of instructions! Your glitter will eventually fade and biodegrade.
  • Make a little wishing bottle! If you’re feeling super crafty or wanting to make a gift for someone, then why not half fill a tiny glass bottle with your sparkles, and pop a little rolled up note inside a bottle for a friend. A message in a bottle makes a perfect little gift! We found some great and reasonably priced bottles here on Amazon, and you could even tie a little card with string around the neck of the bottle with a message or the recipients name!
  • A tooth fairy bag! That’s right… We all know who the tooth fairy is, don’t we? And if you are in need of a last minute tooth holder, then why not use a little organza bag (or your ASJ jewellery pouch) filled with some sparkles for your little one to put their tooth in. Sparkles just make everything a bit more magical, don’t they?
  • Be a unicorn! You are never too old to dress up, and since our biodegradable glitter is also safe to use on your face, you could add a dash of glitter to your cheeks, providing you do a little patch test first to make sure you have no allergic reaction. We recommend a dash of Vaseline to keep it in place. 
  • Make your own Christmas baubles! With home crafting becoming more and more popular now, making your own baubles for your Christmas Tree is easier than ever- and it is so satisfying! Why not fill your own bauble with the glitter you have collected up from your jewellery purchases. It looks great with a sprig of holly or mistletoe inside a bauble!

Got an idea that we haven’t thought of for re-using our glitter that we could try out? Want to show us your ASJ glitter projects and crafts? Do send them over to us or tag us in your social posts- we would love to see them!