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Silverstone Circuits UK Partnership

Est. 2013

Keep on track all Motorsports season with our officially licensed Silverstone track jewellery

The home of British motorsport

In our opinion, there is no better track to partner with for our internationally renowned Smith & Perry Motorsports jewellery.

We have been creating our wonderful collection of officially licenced Silverstone jewellery to raise funds for Promise Dreams Children’s Charity since 2013.

keeping in pole position

Silverstone- Home of British motorsport throughout the years, and one of the most iconic and recognisable track layouts in the world. We are proud to hold an exclusive, worldwide license with Silverstone Circuits UK to produce their track outline in precious metal jewellery.

First released back in 2013, our Silverstone jewellery designs have changed and evolved over the years, and include special limited edition pieces, all made in small and exclusive batches. But if there is one thing that has stayed the same, it’s the layout of this design. Recognisable even from a distance, our Silverstone track jewellery is a guaranteed conversation starter, and is one of our most popular designs to ever be collected by our customers around the world. Other limited release designs have included the Silverstone logo too.

“Getting the final designs that we release into our collections JUST right is so important. The track is so intricate and has so many bends that if we missed even a minor detail from the track outline in our designs, then it wouldn’t be ‘Silverstone’ as we all know and love it. So making sure every bend, every straight and every corner was accurately portrayed was so important”



Selected proceeds from each Silverstone track piece sold is donated to Promise Dreams Children’s Charity- a Wolverhampton based charity who raise money for terminally and seriously ill children, granting wishes for them and their families. A great initiative to be a part of.

Where is the Silverstone jewellery sold?

The full range of Silverstone jewellery can be purchased on our website within our Smith & Perry collection, and a smaller range is available on the Silverstone UK website and physically in its on site store.

Alyssa has attended each Formula1 and MotoGP Grand Prix at Silverstone since 2016, and our immaculate jewellery showcases can be found in various places around the track side during these events, locations varying from year to year.

Details of our events are posted on our social media pages every year.

Attending these events has allowed us to showcase our incredible Motorsports collections to a huge, worldwide audience- and we have been fortunate enough to be able to meet and greet so many of our loyal collectors at these events over the years, even a few famous faces have appeared at our jewellery stand, including F1 legend, David Coulthard!

We love every moment of what we do- Living in the fast lane and creating ‘wearable memories’ that can be enjoyed both now, and for years to come, and Silverstone is certainly at the heart of our Motorsports collections.

With continued thanks to Silverstone UK for working with Alyssa Smith Jewellery, and raising money for Promise Dreams.

“Some of our race tracks are no bigger than my little finger nail in size, and so getting the tiny bends on the track represented on such a tiny scale was initially very challenging, but we mastered it! Our latest design features an even smaller track, which is delicate and perfect for wearing every day and for years to come”