Sustainable and re-usable gift wrapping

by Team Alyssa x
10 February, 2021
Who knew gift wrapping could be pretty, sustainable and re-usable all at the same time? No wastage, no sticky tape, and nothing ‘throwaway’ here! Once our gift wrap has been enjoyed the first time round, we’ve got some clever ideas for ways to re-use and enjoy yours time and time again!

If you are like us, you might love the idea of gift wrapping but always feel terrible about the waste, especially at Christmas. It seems such a shame to tear open that lovely paper, pull off the ribbons and bows- only for them to be useless afterwards. We always try to reuse bows and wrap where possible, but it is still such a huge waste especially when you think about how many rolls of gift wrap are used in December.

In a world where we all need to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and be more mindful about re-using and recycling, single use plastic and single use wrapping really is one of the small things we can change that can make a big difference to our waste.

Here at Alyssa Smith Jewellery, we are trying to make small changes to our working lives and personal lives that can have a big impact on our world. We have been wanting to offer our customers a gift wrapping service for many years now but struggled with the concept of unnecessary waste – so we have been working hard to come up with a sustainable and re-usable alternative to traditional paper wrapping.

We are so pleased to be able to offer our gift wrapping service from February 2021, featuring re-usable satin wraps. Not only do these look absolutely gorgeous (and a cut above the rest, even if we say so ourselves!) but they are also a much better alternative to paper wrapping.

Our sustainable gift wrapping service is now available

Our gift-wrapping service is not a one time use, throwaway item. Once your jewellery has been presented and the recipient has ‘ooohed’ and ‘ahhhhed’ over it, unwrapping the equally gorgeous piece of jewellery which is inside, it can then be reused time and time again for other purposes!

tips for re-using

We have popped a list of uses below, but feel free to come up with your own inventive uses… there are so many!

  1. Use it to wrap your gorgeous gemstone bracelets up inside to safely transport them when you go on your travels or on holiday
  2. Pop a pair of pants, tampon, lipsalve and anything else you might need inside the wrap, and pop it in your handbag discreetly – in case you get caught short whilst you are out and about
  3. Cut some dried lavender from your garden (preferably don’t pinch it from someone else’s garden as they may not appreciate that!) and use your wrap to keep it inside. You can then pop it under your pillow at night to help aid a better nights sleep. Lavender is known to help destress you and help you get a better sleep! It has so many uses, a few of which you can find here.
  4. If you love your gemstones, you can pop a couple into your wrap and sleep with them safely under your pillow. Amethyst is known to help destress and calm anxiety, and it is believed that most of its benefits can be felt if you sleep with one underneath your pillow.
  5. Use it as a drawer freshener. We’re back onto the subject of lavender but only because it has so many uses! Why not pop some dried lavender into the wrap, tie it up and pop it in your sock draw for freshness and lovely scented socks for weeks!
  6. Tooth holder for the tooth fairy! If you are caught short and your little one suddenly uses a tooth, don’t forget you can use our wrap to pop it in until the tooth fairy can replace that tooth with a 50 pence piece! You’ll be thanking us for this one if you get caught short of a tooth holder… hehe!

There are so many uses for our wraps, and we’re pretty sure we haven’t listed all of the useful things that can be wrapped up right here. Do you have an idea that we haven’t thought of for re-using our wrap that we could try out? Want to show us how yours has come in handy? Do send your pictures and ideas over to us or tag us in your social posts- we would love to see them!

Wrap and go from Alyssa Smith Jewellery – the sustainable way! Our gift wrapping service is available on most of our jewellery products, but if you would like to purchase one on its own, then you can do so here.