The ‘Queen of Hearts’ collection – More than just arm candy!

by Team Alyssa x
15 February, 2021
We’re all about the stacking gemstone bracelets. It is so easy to create your own personalised look, each with their own ‘healing’ properties too!
Bracelets that are perfect for going both everywhere and nowhere

Arm candy worth talking about

By combining the power of gemstone crystals with our favourite metal- sterling silver, we have created our wonderful ‘Queen of Hearts’ gemstone bracelet collection. These gorgeous and easy to wear gemstone bracelets all feature our same sterling silver focal heart bead in the centre, but we have carefully selected a handful of our favourite gemstones to create each colour option available. They are perfect for mixing and matching your favourite colours with other pieces from our ‘Queen of Hearts’ series, as well as combining with other bracelets throughout our collections.

But did you know, these gorgeous and rather good-looking gemstone bracelets are so much more than just delicious looking arm candy, because each beautiful gemstone we have chosen also has its own powerful healing qualities too. In fact, every gemstone has its own unique set of properties and qualities, and it was so hard picking just a handful of our favourites to create our Queen of Hearts pieces!

Black onyx and mother of pearl Queen of Hearts stack

Picking your perfect gemstone bracelet

Picking the right bracelet for you may seem a daunting task, because we will be the first to say it… they are all so pretty, it really is hard to pick! If you are wondering how to narrow the choice down, you can do so in a few ways to help find the bracelet that is right for you. Every gemstone is blessed with its own special and unique healing qualities, so you could pick which bracelet is right for your needs this way!

For example, the gemstone Jasper is believed to help get rid fears and worries, whereas Black Onyx can help ground you and bring you protection in your daily life. Think about how you feel at the moment, and what you would like to achieve on an emotional and physical level. You can often be guided by your needs to help pick which piece is right for you.

Rhodonite is the ‘happy’ gemstone and helps you to live your best life!

You can also pick your perfect gemstone bracelet by letting yourself be guided by the colour of the gemstone that you are particularly drawn to though. Quite often, if you find that you are really drawn to a certain colour or stone, this will be your body and mind signalling to you that this gemstone is right for you at that particular moment in time.

If you are drawn to certain colours, then that colour is probably a great choice for you

It can be really easy to overthink things when you come to picking your first bracelet, or even when you are picking your 10th bracelet, so just go with the flow and let yourself pick which piece really seems to talk to you.  All of the gemstones we have chosen for this collection have really positive qualities, so they are a great addition to anyone’s bracelet stack and jewellery wardrobe!

Why ‘Queen of Hearts’?

Inspired by one of Alyssa’s favourite stories- Alice in Wonderland, to put it quite simply! It was back in 2010 that Alyssa released her first ‘Queen of Hearts’ collection, shortly after hopping into the jewellery scene. And although the designs in the collection were different back then from how they are today, both our original Queen of Hearts collection and the new version feature slightly squashed and chubby sterling silver hearts as a focal point, as well as gorgeous gemstones in earthy tones!

These bracelets were inspired by Alyssa’s favourite- Alice in Wonderland!

How did we pick which gemstones to use?

This gorgeous collection is actually the result of pairing of both the concept of colour and gemstone meanings together to work as one.  It was so important that we picked not only gemstone colours that work well aesthetically when stacked together and worn, but we also needed to make sure that the gemstones we picked also worked harmoniously together in their properties.

The idea was to create a whole collection which was married together by the same silver heart for each one, but every colour option has a unique and different quality which can be combined with other Queen of Hearts pieces. 

We also wanted to ensure every gemstone bead we used in this series of bracelets was faceted in shape, meaning each bead is cut at an angle. This is especially great for use in jewellery as it allows the light to bounce off of the gemstone and makes each bead look more glittery than a gemstone which has a smooth finish! 

Colour wise, it was important to choose earthy tones for our Queen of Hearts collection so that they can perfectly be mixed and matched with each other, and all the colours look harmonious together.

In a nutshell…

If you are looking for a little treat to yourself or a gift for someone special, our Queen of Hearts gemstone bracelets might just be the ‘thing’ you are looking for. We have the perfect bracelets for when you need to de-stress and have a bit more ‘calm’ in your life when you need to feel protected in your daily life, when you want to live your best life and make the most of things and for when you need to banish negative energy that’s stopping you from moving forward with life. We’ve even made one with gemstones that have long been believed to help you focus. Great for when your life is full of distractions and brain overload!

Be sure to check out our gorgeous Queen of Hearts collection so you can find which piece is perfect for you.